Comfort & Encourage with the Gift of a Plant

The tradition of sending plants and flowers to offer a word of thankfulness, sympathy, or celebratory praise has been around for years. However, plants are longer lasting than flowers, so the message is given again and again. The natural attractiveness of plants creates a gift that is memorable and appreciated, making them perfect gifts if you want to inspire, comfort, encourage, or praise a loved one or friend with a simple gesture that offers a great deal of meaning.

Green plants are attractive and make nice choices as gifts. They take less work to care for them properly since you never need to trim spent flowers. Green plants are hearty and thrive in a variety of light conditions. Flowering plants offer a welcoming touch of color, even if they are a bit more work to keep them blooming.

If you are looking for plants to send the message of comfort to someone who is dealing with the loss of a loved one, you should choose one of the following: 
Anemone - sincerity 
Basil - good wishes 
Holly - hope 
Lady's mantle - comfort 
Red poppy - consolation
If you want to offer a sign of your affection and thoughts of a speedy recovery to a friend or loved one going through adifficult illness, you can send one of the following types of plants: 
Aloe - protection and healing 
Cactus - endurance 
Carnations (red) - sympathy 
Chrysanthemum - hope 
Edelweiss - courage 
Fern - sincerity 
Peony - healing 
When you believe that you should help to boost self confidence in another person by offering a message designed toinspire and encourage, you can send: 
Angelica - inspiration 
Bells of Ireland - good luck 
Forsythia - anticipation 
Freesia - spirited emotion 
Gladiolus - strength of character 
Goldenrod - encouragement 
Larkspur - beautiful spirit 
Wisteria - steadfastness 
If your friendship with another individual is going through a rough patch and you are searching for ways to help you inimproving your relationship, bring one of the following meaningful plants: 
Arborvitae - unchanging friendship 
Oak-leaved geranium - true friendship 
Daffodils - special regard 
Hyacinth - constancy of love and regard 
Ivy - friendship 
Morning glory - affection 
White tulips - forgiveness 
Zinnia - thoughts of friends who have been absent 
For celebratory events such as a graduation, career advancement, or recognition of someone's special achievement, each of the following plants provides a good choice:
Amaryllis - pride 
Bronze-colored chrysanthemums - excitement 
Ginger - pride 
Gladiolus - strength in character
Heather (white) - success 
Iris - Inspiration 
Marigold - desire for wealth 
Stephanotis - good luck
Culled from My Well Being Presented by Humana